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01 One Of The Finest Camaro's In The US. "Barrett/Jackson Quality" 438 views"GOING ON EBAY THIS WEEK"(3-22) CALL TO BUY NOW!!
This description was written by the owner of this fine ride and as you will read this car is all quality, no corners cut, and a proven "Show Winner."

1969 Camaro RS/SS 396
True Endura Car

This 1969 Camaro RS/SS 396 is absolutely one of the finest cars available. It is being offered by me for less than is invested in this concourse quality automobile. I am a private individual and not a car dealer or collector. I purchased this car in 1981. Between 1981 and 2003 it sat in my heated garage and was driven less than 1000 miles. Finally after all those years my wife convinced me to either sell it or have it restored. After contacting and visiting numerous restoration shops I decided on a well known shop that has been restoring award winning cars for quit some time. The car went to the shop in 2003 and was treated to a complete off-frame, rotisserie, 1500 hour plus, restoration. Every nut, bolt, glass, body part was removed sandblasted and either repaired, replaced or reconditioned. Nothing was left undone. I have several hundred pictures of the restoration process which I am willing to email to any serious buyers. I also have available a complete list of parts and services included in this restoration. I am willing to give name, address, and phone number of restoration shop to verify all work that has been done to this car.

I have researched and located all previous owners of this car up to the original owner from Denver Colorado. Originally the car was built in Norwood, Ohio and sold in Denver. An Army solider stationed in Denver purchased it and after being discharged brought it to Ohio where it changed hands several times. I purchased the car in1981 and did what I call a ‘backyard restoration’, basically a paint job. I was not satisfied with the outcome and I new this classic deserved much better. Fast forward 25 years and here is the car today.

The Car: 1969 RS/SS 396 with hideaway lights, headlamp washers, black vinyl top, original Endura front bumper, black exterior, and 12 bolt positive traction rear end. The lines on this car are straight and true. The Hugger Orange paint is deep and perfect and draws compliments at shows from other owners and visitors. The wheels are Colorado Custom and really set this car off well. I have the original wheels that came with this car but they are in need of refurbishing. I also have all the parts from this car in many boxes which go along with this car.

The Engine: When this car was bought in 1981 it was missing the original 396 engine. I searched for several years to locate the original with no luck. Over the next 10 years I began a search for an original 396 from a 1969 Camaro. I had several opportunities to purchase engines but never found the one I felt satisfied with. In 2001 I located a 396 out of a 1969 RS/SS Camaro. The engine was built in October of 1968 and was verified by the numbers. I am not representing this car as an ‘original engine car’ but it has a 1969 dated 396 from a RS/SS Camaro.

In 2003 this engine was taken to a engine building shop and completely rebuilt with new Dart aluminum Pro 1 heads, with Manley valves, Comp cams, springs and retainers. HYD roller cam and lifters-Comp, Comp pushrods, Crank rockers, roller timing chain w/ thrust, 10:1 Comp forged pistons and molly rings, Maroso pan, pump, pickup and shaft, ATI balancer and pointer, and much more. I have available the original build sheet for this engine which is available to any serious buyer.

Awards: In 2004 this car was entered in the Super Chevy show in Norwalk, Ohio. It took 1st place in the ‘First Generation’ Camaro class, which can be documented through Super Chevy. In 2005 this car was entered in the Goodguys Show in Columbus, Ohio which is the big event for Goodguys. This car was awarded a ‘Top 10’ by Popular Hot Roding Magazine, which can be documented. These two awards speak volumes for the quality of this car.

This car is kept in a climate controlled garage at all times. During the winter months it is kept in a CarBag for added protection. You won’t be disappointed by this car.

1969 Camaros are one of the most highly sought after cars on the planet. As years go by the investment value of these cars has sky rocketed.
This is an "Original RS/SS 396 4-Speed Endura Car" with the correct dated coded engine that would surely fetch over 100k at Barrett/Jackson.
Save $$ on the this car and pay NO AUCTION FEES. 8% Plus, No wonder Craig has a big grin on his face. HEY CRAIG , GIVE ME A JOB!

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