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Call Steve Arrendale@330-432-0036 To Discuss.
In todays internet world theres no need to transport your car to a dealer in order to consign it for sale. That means your car sits in the comfort of YOUR GARAGE, not in some dealers showroom where theres a good possibility that your car could be damaged.
All I need is good digital pictures and all the info on the car in order to build a description. I personally take all the pictures of cars in Ohio and some surrounding states. Customers who are farther away can send me the pictures via email or contract me to come take them.
Your car will be on my site UNTIL ITS SOLD. I also cross-market each car heavily on the internet using high traffic sites and run the car on ebay. (fee involved)

Im not a slick talking salesman, Im a real "car guy" that can sell cars. This is what sets me a part from the usual car deal. I go out of my way to make the customer feel secure in every step of the sale until the car reaches the door-step.

List your car on, each car is heavily cross-marketed for maximum exposure and there's no listing fee, unless you wish to have your car listed on a 7 day ebay auction. Just tell me what you need out of your car and I'll sell it and my fee is sometimes made by selling your car for an amount over what you need. If not My fee will be agreed upon when I present you with an offer on your car.
NO RISK! IF I dont get you the $$ you want for your car, you pay NOTHING.
I use ebay on 95% of all my listings and with good results. Call to discuss fee's to get your car on ebay and sell it fasssst.
I've sold over 300 Corvettes and Muscle Cars all over the world to happy customers who didnt just get a great car but an EXCELLENT investment.

This site is different from others in the aspect that "I sell each and every car on my site." Your car just doesnt sit on the site until it sells itself.

~CALL Steve Arrendale NOW~ 330-432-0036

Email Pics & Description of cars you have "FOR SALE" and I'll get them on the site.

Email me at
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